Wednesday , 13 December 2017

GoPro Karma Drone Recall

GoPro, famous for the many viral videos that have come off its action cameras, is recalling their new “Karma” drone because “units lost power during operation.”

The company declined to elaborate on this point, but it is serious enough that all existing models will presumably be scrapped or rebuilt. Owners can return their Karmas for a refund, but not for a replacement models.

Both sales and exchanges for the model are on hold.

The Karma is GoPro’s first drone, debuting on October 26 for $799. Though 2,500 have been sold, Market Watch notes that the company is still reliant on its traditional cameras for revenue, so the fiscal impact won’t be too severe. It will, though, hurt the company as it looks to compete with DJI’s offerings and beyond just offering stand-alone, mountable cameras. While GoPro’s Hero5 camera is the market leader in this respect for quality, notes that DJI’s Mavic Pro or Phantom series camera drones are easier to fly and have better range.