Thursday , 23 March 2017
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GoPro Karma Drone Recall


GoPro, famous for the many viral videos that have come off its action cameras, is recalling their new “Karma” drone because “units lost power during operation.” The company declined to elaborate on this point, but it is serious enough that all existing models will presumably be scrapped or rebuilt. Owners can return their Karmas for a refund, but not for …

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Miley Cyrus Weeping Over Donald Trump’s Presidential Victory


Yes On Wednesday morning, the liberal celeb took to Facebook to share her video reaction to the upsetting outcome of Tuesday’s vote. Like half of US right now, Smilez was visibly devastated to learn Hillary Clinton had lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump, and couldn’t stop crying throughout the emotional clip. Maybe one day she would run for President until then do …

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WhatsApp Extends Encryption To All Services

The messaging app says users of all its services are now fully protected from snoopers including “rogue” governments. WhatsApp has applied “end-to-end” encryption to all its services to boost user security. The Facebook-owned messaging service announced the move amid fierce debate surrounding privacy versus security. It follows Apple’s battle with the US government over FBI demands for data on an …

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Pinpoint historic battles


If it’s possible to get battle fatigue just by looking at a website, this interactive map will test your endurance. It aims to pinpoint every battle ever fought using data from Wikipedia to create a ‘Geography of Violence’ that currently includes 12,702 references. You can see just how bloody individual countries have been, and use a slider to select a …

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